Welcome to the 25th season of the Rosedale-Grandmont Baseball League!
As this is a league run completely on the volunteer efforts of all involved, we thank you in advance for checking off the category in which you would like to help. You can expect a call when your services are needed. Please remember that coaches and league administrators are volunteers, too. Here is additional information:

Opening Day is Saturday, April 23rd.
All teams will assemble in uniform at the North Rosedale Community House for a parade on Bretton Drive. Scheduled games will immediately follow. Team pictures are generally taken the first week of May.

The season runs until the end of June.
There is the opportunity to play in post-season Baseball League tournaments in District 5 for baseball and softball players who live within our league boundaries. Try-outs occur during the last weeks of our regular season. These tournaments generally begin after the Fourth of July and run for several weeks.

Practice days, times, and places are set by the individual coaches.
Practices begin as soon as weather permits in April.

All baseball and softball players are drafted by coaches by the end of March, and generally will return to the same team unless a request is made go back into the draft.
If you don’t hear from your child’s coach by April 10th, give the division coordinator a call.

Games are played as scheduled unless it is storming at game time.
Players meet at the field unless notified otherwise.

Uniforms are handed out by the coaches just prior to the season’s start.
T-Ball players get a cap and shirt; all other players receive cap, shirt, pants, and socks. Players will need their own mitts and baseball shoes (for the little ones, soccer shoes work well and do double duty for soccer season.)

PLEASE NOTE TWO IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR THE LEAGUE:  our website is rosedalegrandmontbaseball.org and our email address is rosedalegrandmontbaseball@gmail.com.