HOW IS THE ROSEDALE GRANDMONT BASEBALL LEAGUE STRUCTURED? Right from our start in 1992, this league has always run completely on the volunteer efforts of all involved, including league administrators. When registering, families will be required to choose a specific category (manager, coach, assistant coach, fundraising, concessions, field prep, health & safety, team liaison) in which they would like to help.

WHEN DOES THE SEASON BEGIN?  Practices begin as early as possible in April. Whole division practices take place before teams are formed. Opening Day is usually the last Saturday in April or the first Saturday in May.

HOW LONG DOES THE SEASON RUN?  The season runs until the end of June. For the baseball divisions, playoff games take place in the last week.

ARE THERE ANY POST-SEASON TOURNAMENTS?  There is the opportunity to play in post-season tournaments. Try-outs for tournament teams occur during the last weeks of our regular season. These tournaments usually begin after the Fourth of July. All players are eligible for tournament play. THERE ARE ADDITIONAL COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH POST-SEASON PLAY.

WHEN WILL MY CHILD’S TEAM PRACTICE? WHEN ARE GAMES SCHEDULED?  For all teams, practice days, times, and places are set by the individual coaches. Practices begin as soon as weather permits in April. Games are set by the league, and schedules are issued late in April.


T-Ball (3-4): Games are played on Saturday morning and Wednesday at 6:00 at St. Scholastica (Outer Drive and Southfield).

Coach-Pitch (5-6): Games are played on Saturday morning and Thursday at 6:00. These teams use the fields at Stoepel Park (Westwood and Outer Drive), North Rosedale (Glastonbury and Bretton Drive), Ramsey Field (behind Edison School), and St. Scholastica (Outer Drive and Southfield).

Baseball: This is the largest division. Games are scheduled throughout the day on Saturday, with the Minors and Juniors playing at the earlier times. Games take place at Stoepel Park (Westwood and Outer Drive), Dossin Field (2 blocks south of Schoolcraft and 5 blocks east of Southfield), and St. Scholastica (Outer Drive and Southfield).

Minors (7-9): During the week, Minors mostly play on Tuesday at 6:00.

Juniors/Seniors (10-12)/(13-16): During the week, Juniors play mostly on Wednesday at 6:00, and Seniors play mostly on Tuesday or Wednesday at 6:00.

WHAT ARE THE RULES FOR CANCELLING GAMES DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER? Games are played as scheduled unless it is storming at game time. Players meet at the field before game time unless notified otherwise. Be sure that your child’s coach has the proper contact information for you.

ARE UNIFORMS COVERED BY THE REGISTRATION FEE? WHAT ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED? Uniforms are handed out by the coaches just prior to the season’s start. T-Ball players get a cap and shirt; all other players receive cap, shirt, pants, and socks. Players will need their own mitts and baseball shoes (for the little ones, soccer shoes do double duty.)

WHEN WILL I BE NOTIFIED ABOUT TEAM PLACEMENT? All players are placed on teams by the 15th of April and generally will return to the same team unless the player ages up. TEAM PLACEMENT WILL NOT BE MADE UNLESS ALL REGISTRATION FORMS AND FEES HAVE BEEN RECEIVED.


Still have questions? Please email them to rosedalegrandmontbaseball@gmail.com.