• Please let friends and family members know that we are still accepting registrations — a late fee of $20 will kick in on April 15ONLINE REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES AND IS THE SAFEST AND QUICKEST WAY TO SIGN UP AND BE PLACED ON A TEAM. Kindly direct folks to rosedalegrandmontbaseball.org .
  • The league is hard at work tweaking COVID Protocols for this season to reduce the spread. Families will receive them by email once we have them finalized. For now it can be expected that all players, coaches, and umpires while together will wear cloth masks covering nose and mouth, social distancing will be in effect, and equipment will not be shared. Drink bottles will need to be labeled for players’ specific use. Again, more specific information is forthcoming.
  • In the meantime, wear a mask, wash hands often, keep social distance, and get vaccinated when it’s your turn.



Rosedale Grandmont Baseball League is a community-based nonprofit youth sports organization offering recreational and competitive baseball for Detroit boys and girls, ages 3-16, in Northwest Detroit.



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